Past Presidents

Term in Office Name
2018 John Frankenfeld, CSFM - Town of Erie Parks & Rec.
2017 Steve Shoultz, Douglas County Parks & Rec.
2016 Cody Witham, Dick's Sporting Goods Park
2015 Dave Radueg, Polo Grounds
2014 Drew Barber - Town of Erie
2013 Chuck Klafka - Douglas County Parks
2012 Rob Walls - City of Westminster
2011 Josh Bertrand, City of Glendale - Infinity Park
2010 Cody Freeman, Denver Broncos
2009 Roger Daigle, City of Fort Collins
2008 Richard Buelter, Jefferson County Schools
2007 Hod Soto, City of Greeley Parks
2006 Ken Norkosky
2005 Richard Buelter, Jefferson County Schools
2004 Ryan Jensen, City of Broomfield Parks
2003 Phil McQuade, Jefferson County Schools
2002 Kalin Stovall, Colorado State University
2001 Troy Smith, Denver Broncos
2000 Jim Mueller
1999 Troy Smith, Denver Broncos
1998 Abby McNeal, Denver Broncos
1997 Dave Rulli, Jefferson County Schools
1996 Dave Rulli, Jefferson County Schools
1995 Ross Kurcab, Denver Broncos
1994 Joe Adams, Greeley Parks & Rec
1993 Ron Marten, Falcon School Sistrict
1992 Bill Whirty, Fort Collins Park
1991 Thomas Lujan, Mile High Stadium